Sleeping Beauty

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We found an article online entitled, “How much sleep do we really need?” It talks about the importance of snooze and it the lack of sleep can cause some health and physical complications.

According to the article, we need somewhere between seven to nine hours a night.

Research confirms that a lack of sleep impacts the body on a systematic level, disrupting everything from our metabolism to our immune system. Sleep loss has been linked to obesity, heart disease, reduced fertility, mood disorders, learning and memory problems and cancer.

And those are just the physical repercussions. Studies have also shown that extreme fatigue makes us, unsurprisingly, less alert. We’re also more susceptible to cognitive errors of omission (which includes memory lapses), commission (which includes impulsive behavior) and find ourselves less able to handle small daily stressors.

Now don’t make up for your lack of sleep the night before by sleeping for longer hours the following night. There’s no such thing. Sleep loss is forever lost.

So the next time you go out partying til the wee hours in the morning, think about what the lack of sleep can do to your body.


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